About Spainmundo

Who are we and why do we run Spainmundo

We who run Spainmundo have moved from Sweden to the Costa del Sol with our family. We wanted to try a new lifestyle, broaden our horizons and explore Spanish culture in a multinational environment where the sun shines almost all year round.

From the first idea to the realization of the dream, many questions arose, especially since we had to find out all the information ourselves. How, when and where would everything be done?
We took two steps forward and one step back and all the time we felt that the parts we needed to do were not connected and there was no clear overall picture.
With a little help from acquaintances, sweat, tears and a long but ultimately successful moving process, we understood the need for advice along the way to facilitate in many ways and make the journey towards the goal so much smoother and more enjoyable. You can read up on a lot of things, but it is still difficult to get an overall picture and a clear process.

Along the way, we have gained knowledge and built a network that allows us to help others. We ourselves would have needed an independent party to give good advice, provide reassurance in all parts of the process and contribute to a pleasant and enjoyable collaboration.