We offer customized packages of our services, get in touch with us and we will discuss which package(s) are suitable for you.

Spainmundo provides a range of services for those who have moved or are moving to Spain. The services are packaged in a number of offers and address the issues to be resolved depending on your current situation and future plans.


Before the move, it is important to make the right preparations and set the right goals. We help you with the basic elements needed to carry out the move in a calm and methodical way while you are still in Sweden.

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Once you are in Spain, it is time for some practical steps both in terms of administration and physical visits to authorities and other bodies. Even familiarizing yourself with the area and making the last crucial decisions can be something you need help with.

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Do you have a company or want to start a company and want help with how it works in Spain? Maybe you have sold a company and want to make the most of life in Spain?

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New construction & renovation

During a possible new construction or renovation, it can be tricky to follow and quality assure if you do not have the opportunity to be on site yourself. Have you bought a new production that is under construction or are you going to do a major renovation before moving to Spain and need someone who is on site, we can help you.

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The questions don’t always end just because you have settled into your new home or life. Often, even if you are already living in Spain on a full or part-time basis, you may have additional requests or life situations change. We are here to help if you have more questions or need help.

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