Our process

The key to a smooth move is to have a clear and safe process. In Spain’s often complex bureaucracy, it can be difficult to know if you have thought of all the parts, or taken all the rules into account. At Spainmundo, we help you develop the plan you need and with our help, you will not miss anything important along the way and can act proactively.

Our steps on the road

1. First contact

In most cases, big decisions take a long time. Or not. Whether you’ve already decided to move or you’re still undecided, a first conversation is the first step to see how we can help you.
Maybe it’s about getting started and understanding what a move means, maybe you’re ready to drop anchor but don’t really know how. We listen to your needs and tell you what we can do to help.

2. Plan ahead

Depending on your need for help, the things that need to be done usually vary greatly. Our strength lies in providing a plan based on what you want so that you can calmly and methodically carry out your move to Spain. The plan includes all the necessary steps – when, how, by whom and what to do.

3. Before moving

The main thing is to make sure you prepare properly before moving, and that’s perhaps where the real work is done. Everything from having goals in terms of housing, work, school or childcare to practical preparations. Here we provide concrete information but also tips and advice along the way that can help you set the right goals that suit you.

4. After moving

Some parts cannot be done from Sweden but are instead handled once you are in place after moving.
Most often it is about paperwork or practical parts that require physical presence. We are on site in Spain and can also help you here if necessary.

5. Final summons

Once we have worked through the steps of the plan together, we will have a final check to ensure that everything has been dealt with. Additional help may also come along the way depending on what you decide to do. It can be useful to see what support we can provide and how you want to proceed.

6. Help on site

Even though the move is done and you are finally in place, questions and concerns will arise.
Of course, we want to continue to be with you wherever you need guidance and help.

Extra consultation

If you have other questions or concerns about how things work in Spain, we at Spainmundo have good contacts and networks to provide the help you need.

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